Get the Mountain Stone Look Anywhere

For centuries, natural stone was used for all manner of construction, from roads to buildings. In the United States, stone buildings were common in the mountains due to the plentiful supply of the material. From small cabins to stately mountain lodges, rough stone buildings have come to epitomize the rustic mountain lifestyle. Bringing that mountain […]

Decorative Stone Veneer: Wet Cast vs. Dry Cast

The way decorative stone veneer is cast makes a big difference in the final product. Both wet cast and dry cast concrete have their pros and cons. We will take a look at both and explain why wet cast is best for decorative stone veneer. Dry Cast Dry cast concrete is not actually dry, but […]

Double Duty: Stone Fireplace Grill

Grilling season is just around the corner, but during those long winter months, who didn’t give consideration to a fireplace grill? Then you realize that great idea isn’t anything new – that’s the way people used to cook not too long ago – and fireplace cooking today is inconvenient and can be messy. So, you […]

Stone Veneer Transforms and Upgrades

Before, if you wanted a stone façade for your home, it meant trucking in tons of rock and a crew to install them. Stone veneer transforms changed the game. The quality and durability of concrete cast stone veneer has improved to the point where it’s hard to tell the difference between the cast product and […]

Stone Garden Planters Liven Up Landscape Design

Raised flower beds and gardens, sometimes called garden boxes, offer many benefits over standard planting beds. But not all garden boxes are made the same. The most basic designs use wooden boards or crossties to form the box. But wood will eventually rot. Exceptional Stone has a better option with its stone garden planters. The […]

Make Your Own Stepping-Stone Paths

Stepping-stone paths are usually found through somewhat challenging terrain. While maybe not outright dangerous, the path requires you to hop from one stone to the next to avoid stepping into a stream or other hazard. Installed by sometimes anonymous predecessors, they also symbolize the help we get from others during life. Though the path is […]

When to Use a Stone Retaining Wall

Living on or next to a steep hill can cause a number of concerns from simply not having enough functional space to worrying about a landslide in your yard. That is where retaining walls come into play and where Exceptional Stone can help. Installing a new retaining wall can create a flat space for family […]

Stocked Up On Stone Veneer Decor

Picture this: Winter is coming, and you have decided to redo your living room. You decide you want to cover one wall with stone veneer decor to add a bit of pizzazz to your home. You go to your local big-box home-improvement store only to discover that the store has a limited amount of choices. […]

Find Your Fire with Fire Ring Kits

Have you ever wanted to create a fire ring for your backyard? Exceptional Stone can help you build a great-looking fire ring for a very low cost! The Perks of Having a Fire Ring Fire rings are great for activities like outdoor BBQs, roasting marshmallows and hanging out around the fire during cool fall evenings. […]

Exceptional Stone Offers Custom Campers and Tiny Houses

The man who brought you SLK Masonry and Exceptional Stone, Sam King, is proud to announce another line of products: custom campers and tiny houses. Do you love the great outdoors, but still like the comfort of modern amenities? Maybe you have younger kids who aren’t ready for heavy-duty camping, but you still want to […]